July 1, 2009

Culture Comes At A Price

Selection from Survival: Protect me...., 2006 by Jenny Holzer
Danby Imperial white marble footstool; Edition 5/10

Recently available for bidding at Auction SITE 2009, with proceeds helping to support the exhibitions, education and public programs of SITE Santa Fe. Retail value $75,000.

Or as found on an insert in the pages of the NY Times:

"On the following pages, you'll find just a few of the one-of-a-kind Yankee Stadium items that Steiner Sports is offering in partnership with The New York Times Store. Significantly, each and every item has been carefully vetted by the Steiner experts using the company's proprietary methods of authentication. "We're not letting a lot of vendors sell this stuff because we're not secure that most would handle it with the respect and accountability we want," says Steiner. "So people aren't going to find these items in a lot of places." The Steiner Sports motto - The Steiner Seal Means It's Real - is much more than a slogan. It's a promise."

$79.99 - Item DEMOSOD000001 - Authentic Yankee Stadium "Freeze-Dried Grass" Sod 

The sod from the original Yankee Stadium is considered the most sacred turf in all of sports. Now you can get a piece of the hallowed grounds. A section of freeze-dried sod comes in a glass display case, with an engraved nameplate. A Yankees-Steiner Letter of Authenticity is included.

$159.99 - Item YANKSTABR000000 - Yankee Stadium Ceremonial Monument Park Brick

Get a piece of memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium's shrine to baseball immortals: Monument Park. Each brick comes in a glass display case with an etched interlocking Yankees logo and a cherrywood base. The display case measures 11" x 4/75" x 5.25". A Yankees-Steiner Letter of Authenticity is included.

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