November 18, 2008

Sardines Never Change

A story in today's New York Daily News (November 18, 2008) speaks of the MTA's emergency plans due to the current "weak economy and dramatically declining tax revenues." The "doomsday budget" plans include raising fares, shutting down the W and Z subway lines, decreasing service, and cutting staff positions. Subway riders will of course pay the price not only in higher fares, but also with longer waits for trains, and increasingly crowded rides. Notice the headline "You'll Feel Even More Like Packed Sardines!" 

Wouldn't you know it, earlier this summer I received the mailer illustrated above from a local realtor showing a NY Times ad from September 1928. The ad promotes the joy of living in Tudor City on the east side of Manhattan and being able to walk to work, shops and entertainment (and thereby avoiding the unpleasantness of the daily subway commute). The headline reads "Poor fish" and the first sentence begins "Packed like sardines, they stand for thirty minutes every morning and evening in badly ventilated discomfort..." Well, I guess sardines...or rather some things unfortunately never change.

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