December 7, 2009

You Will Lose Your Power

... and if you still don't believe that some aspects of our modern society need more reasonable regulation and oversight, educate yourself about the modus operandi of credit card companies and the consumer loan industry. Please follow this link to watch the full program of Frontline's The Card Game, written and produced by Lowell Bergman & Oriana Zill de Granados - original air date November 24, 2009.

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To tell you the truth, it doesn't surprise me that the majority of those who are truly wealthy or are implicitly involved in big business have never much cared for the people of the lower class. After all, they probably see these folks as a burden and there just isn't much of a return on investment for caring, is there?

But what does amaze me from watching recent Frontline programs such as The Card Game and The Warning is the smugness with which some of those in big business, the banking industry, and on Wall Street conduct themselves and in effect are now dismissive toward our country's middle class. 30+ percent interest rates tacked on to credit cards. Passing questionable financial products that assured many Americans would lose their jobs, businesses, homes, savings, and lifelong dreams. In a reckless and immoral pursuit of profits, these supposedly respectable members of society stomped on every citizen's fundamental human rights.

Those in the middle class probably don't want to hear this, but the upper class has always viewed the middle class as gullible and malleable ... and unfortunately a necessary evil. What confounds me is doesn't the upper class realize that if they lose the support of the middle class, they will effectively lose their power? The middle class is the backbone of the United States of America - the people who does the dirty work for you ... the people who bought into the fantastical American dream. Why would you want to screw with that carefully balanced narrative? Are you willing to keep pushing until the people are forced to take to the streets?    

We Americans respect those who work hard, put in the long hours, and succeed. We respect success. We do not respect crooks. Roll out your standard patriotic, patriarchal, and biblical responses against reason. Keep talking about trickle-down economics and the free market economy ... you're running out of sheep faster than you can count. It's no longer believable that everyone else is just lazy and on the dole. Everyone else is really everyone else this time around. Who's going to bail out your mistakes, fight your wars, and believe in your fairy tales when the people cannot even put food on the dinner table for their children and families?

You, the self-proclaimed best and the brightest, are about to lose the middle class of America. You are about to lose your power. - PS

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