October 3, 2009

Stop The Violence

Self Destruction, 1989 by the Stop the Violence Movement
YouTube video posted by darquekyss

"The two factions, one that lived near the Altgeld Gardens housing development and one in an area known as "The Ville," began fighting after a shooting earlier that day that police called gang-related.

Albert was approached by Eric Carson and another unknown person, both members of "The Ville" faction ... Carson struck Albert in the head with a piece of a wooden railroad tie, and the second person punched him in the face ...

Albert was knocked unconscious by the blows for a short period ... but gained consciousness and quickly tried to move from the escalating street fight."

"He gained consciousness and moved a few feet away, but as he was trying to get up, he was attacked by a second group," spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said.

"That group, made up of five members from the opposing faction, then took their shots at Albert, Simonton said.

He was struck in the head by Riley with the piece of railroad tie, a rectangular piece of wood used as a base for railroad tracks, Simonton said.

Once Albert was on the ground again, (Silvanus) Shannon was seen "stomping on his head repeatedly," Simonton said.

An amateur videotape shot by a witness, which has been broadcast nationally, showed the attack unfolding. A local TV station that received the tape turned it over to police.

The video shows that, as the attackers ran away, the person with the camera and several others approached Albert and carried him into a nearby building.

"Derrion, get up!" a female voice pleads on the video."

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