May 9, 2009

Real Connectivity

Telegraph Wires, c.1925 by Tina Modotti

Just to stir the pot about media and technology a little more, follow this link to Virginia Heffernan's thoughtful article titled Let Them Eat Tweets in the New York Times. Ms. Heffernan notes that the writer Bruce Sterling recently said "Poor folk love their cellphones!" and he also proposed "that the clearest symbol of poverty is dependence on "connections" like the Internet, Skype and texting." 

No matter which side of the fence you're on when it comes to modern day connectivity, you have to wonder how many of the updates or conversations we have daily are really necessary or matter. It brings to mind the amusing lyrics from Lou Reed's New York Telephone Conversation (from the album Transformer, 1972). 

I was sleeping, gently napping
when I heard the phone
Who is on the other end talking
am I even home

Did you see what she did to him 
did you hear what they said
Just a New York conversation
rattling in my head

Oh, oh, my, and what shall we wear
Oh, oh, my, and who really cares

Just a New York conversation
gossip all of the time
Did you hear who did what to whom
happens all the time

Who has touched and who has dabbled
here in the city of shows
Openings, closings, bad repartee
everybody knows

Oh, how sad and why do we call
Oh, I'm glad to hear from you all

I am calling, yes I am calling
just to speak to you
For I know this night will kill me
if I can't be with you

If I can't be with you 

YouTube video posted by doctorluv

Anyway, we finish this post with Lou Reed's Coney Island Baby from 1976...for no other reason than that it's Lou Reed and it's a special song. We hope everyone finds real love and real connectivity in this world.

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