December 31, 2008

Laura Louie & Woody Harrelson

We were happy to hear that Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson were married this past week at their remote home on the island of Maui, Hawaii. They are good people. According to the papers, guests at the small wedding included Sean Penn, Willie Nelson, and Owen Wilson. Alanis Morissette joyfully sang at the ceremony.

Anna and I were married ourselves in a low-key and peaceful ceremony years ago in the same off-the-beaten-path area of Maui.
This news story brings back so many good thoughts and happy memories.

Laura and Woody are an environmentally conscious couple who created an important website titled VoiceYourself that we have followed for several years now. Their mission statement reads "We believe all life on earth is sacred. VoiceYourself promotes and inspires individual action to create global momentum towards simple organic living and to restore balance and harmony to our planet."

There is an insightful video and poem on the website titled "Thoughts From Within" by Woody Harrelson that is recommended viewing for everyone. Woody's words challenge viewers by asking "Do you dare to feel responsible for every dollar you lay down...are you going to make the rich man richer...or are you going to stand your ground...You say you want a revolution...a communal be a part of the solution...maybe I'll be seeing you around".

Update as of December 2009: Voiceyourself has closed down as a day-to-day operation. You can follow this link to watch the video "Thoughts From Within" as posted on YouTube by impete82.

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